Welcome to Children with Challenging Behavior

As the authors of Challenging Behavior in Young Childrenwe’re always looking for new information on this subject that’s so near and dear to our hearts.

From her base in Nova Scotia, Barbara travels the world giving workshops and presentations, while Judy stays home in Montreal reading books and online materials—and both of us collect interesting and useful research, ideas, and opinions that we believe will interest you, too.

So we want to share some of our discoveries.

Most of the information we find is straightforward and reliable, some of it is controversial, and some is downright wrong. We’ll tell you what we think—but we also want to know what you think, what you disagree with, what you want to understand better, what you’d like to know more about. That is, we rely on you to help us.

If we don’t know the answers to your questions, we’ll try to find out, because something that makes you wonder probably makes others wonder as well, and the more that we know about children and their challenging behavior, the more likely we are to make a difference in their lives.

We’ll focus mainly on young children’s behavior, but we’ll also write about aggression and violence in older children and adults—such as the shooting in Aurora, CO—because what happens in early childhood has such a huge influence on what happens later.

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2 Comments on “Welcome to Children with Challenging Behavior”

  1. elizabeth says:

    my son is 4 yrs old he started pre k this yr he is constantly getting into trouble for fighting or just he doesnt listen to the teacher he thinks he can do as he pleases we have a reward plan in action but its nt seeming to help he gets angry and hits kicks punches and then he will say that the other child hit him first would u please give me some kinda idea on what i need to do or try

    • Thank you for your comment. I am sure you are not the only one with such concerns.

      Starting school is not an easy task for all children, and there are no magic solutions. Because every child, every teacher, every family, and every situation is different, we need to ask a few questions before we can give you any useful information.

      Is this the first time your son is in group care, or has he previously attended a child care center or preschool? If so, what were his experiences there?

      Is he an only child?

      At home do you notice any of the behaviors that the school is reporting?

      Have there been any recent changes in his life that may be affecting his behavior?

      Since he began school has the problem improved, or is it getting worse?

      Does he have any friends at school?

      Does he look forward to going to school?

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