Barbara on COVID-19


Check out our article “It Won’t Be Easy: Back to School and Day Care” in the National Post’s Healthing section!

Barbara has been giving webinars all through this pandemic about how it’s affecting children and what will happen when they return to child care centres and schools in the fall.

To see these webinars for yourself, link to the recording of Barbara’s two webinars on trauma and behavior on the Early Childhood Investigations website.

The webinars are free, but you’ll have to register.

You can also access Barbara’s webinar, Opening Pre-Ks and Child Care Centres in the Time of the Coronavirus: Supporting Children, Staff, and Families, for the Early Childhood Community Development Centre in Thorold, Ontario (June 17, 2020) here:

The password is 7L?=O4^O

Be well and stay safe.


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